Mini-Split Models
What is a Mini-Split?
Mini-Split Models

There are four types of mini-split models.

Each type of mini-split is defined by the INDOOR segment or evaporator.

  1. Wall mount
    Wall mounted evaporators are the most commonly used. These are usually mounted on an outside wall.
  2. Ceiling mounted
    Ceiling mounted evaporators are usually installed in commercial applications. They can be hung from the ceiling structure and most will fit a dropped ceiling format.
  3. Floor mounted
    Floor mounted evaporators are exactly that, they can be positioned on the floor.
  4. Ducted evaporators
    Most mini-splits are ductless, where wall space is unavailable, models which require duct work may be used.

Keep in mind that all air conditioners produce water, condensate, as a by-product, and this water must be collected and exhausted.