Mini-Split Disadvantages
Mini-Split Advantages
Mini-Split Disadvantages

Disadvantages of mini-split air conditioners:

  1. Cost
    When compared to window air conditioners mini-splits are much more expensive.
  2. Multiple units required as compared to central air.
    There will be more control of cooled areas, but refrigerant lines and electrical wires must be installed from each evaporator to the condenser.
  3. Threaded refrigerant connections.
    Unlike window and central air conditioners which have brazed joints,most mini-splits have flared copper to brass refrigerant connections which can loosen and leak.
  4. Mini-splits are difficult to "rough-in" on new construction or remodels.
    The refrigerant lines come pre-attached to the evaporator, it is simpler to install onto a finished wall.
  5. Placement
    The indoor section of a mini-split is good sized, physically Locating it can present a problem at times. Built-ins, windows and doors, and decor can be impediments to prime locations.