What is a Mini-Split?
Mini-Split Advantages
Mini-Split Advantages

Advantages of mini-split air conditioners:

  1. Efficient
    1. Because their size is not confined to that of a window's opening, most mini-split air conditioners are designed with large evaporator and condensing coils. Larger coils allow for better air flow and higher efficiencies.
    2. Spot cooling. Whereas central air conditioners usually cool an entire are, mini-splits can be more selective and cool specific areas and individual rooms.
  2. Quiet, compared to a window unit
    Because the compressor, or pump, is located outside, a mini-split is considerably quieter than a window unit.
  3. Ease of installation, compared to central air
    A two or three inch hole on the outside wall, instead of the extensive hole-cutting and installation of duct work , make mini-splits installation simple and much less time consuming than central air systems.
  4. Supplemental heat
    A mini-split heat pump can also supplement an inadequate heating system and add comfort to a room.